Privacy policy

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, in May 2018 there are new rules about collecting and analyzing personal data. With this privacy policy, Pomme pidou would like to inform you about the way of handling this data in our company.

Personal data means every piece of information that leads specifically to you. Some examples would be your contact details like name, address, e-mail address and your telephone number, but it also includes your payment details, the information on your account, the IP-address, ordering history and your online behavior.

How does your personal data arrive in our system?

There are two possible ways for us to collect personal data. The first and most logic possibility is the fact that you give us your information yourself directly by creating an account or buying some of our products. On the other hand it’s also possible that we get personal data about you in an indirect way. Think about this: someone else buys you a gift in our online shop and lets it deliver at your address. Yes, this way we also gather information about you!

Why do we need this and how long do we keep all this data?

1. To deliver your order successfully

When buying a Pomme pidou item in our online shop, we want to be sure that your package arrives at the right place with the right items and that’s why we need some information about you to complete an order. Furthermore we also need this information to inform you about the package, to send you a tracking code and to return the package if that’s what you wish to do.

What do we need? Your name and last name, the (delivery) address, phone number, e-mail address and payment details.

The choice is yours: you can save all this information in your personal account to facilitate the whole process the next time you order (read more about it later). Or you can choose not to save any information and we delete all payment options two months after the delivery of the package. What option you may choose, the CVC-code will always be deleted to guarantee the safety of your bank details and to avoid abuse of it. Five years after your last attempt to login to your account, all account information will be deleted from the database.

2. So you can make an account

Some information is a must if you wish to make a personal account. What do we need? Your name and last name, e-mail address, (delivery) address, payment options and you have the possibility to add a phone number as well. Do you wish to be a professional client? Great! You can choose to add your company’s details and VAT-number.

Based on your personal information, your order history and your previously used delivery options, we hope to facilitate your next purchase on

The collected personal data on your account is kept until five years after the last login attempt. However, you can also ask us to delete all the personal information that we have on you based on your right to forgetfulness (read more about it later).

3. To reach our customer service with your questions

To guarantee a friendly and personal contact between you and our customer service, we treasure your name and e-mail address in our database when you e-mail us. Also the general subject of the conversation is saved so we can observe frequently asked questions in the future and provide a better customer service.

This data will be deleted two years after the last contact unless you ask us to eliminate all gathered information we have on you earlier.

4. To send you a newsletter on regular basis with heaps of fun facts and stories

Can’t you get enough of these colourful Pomme pidou animals? What are you waiting for? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest facts, novelties and promotions every two months. This e-mail will only be sent if you have personally subscribed to it by sharing your e-mail address with us on the website. When writing these e-mails, we keep your priorities and wishes in our minds based on your online and buying behavior on

Do you wish to subscribe? Fill in your e-mail address on the website, but do you wish to unsubscribe? No problem! Your data will be kept for another six months and then your e-mail address will be removed for good from our database.

5. So you can enjoy our online shop to the fullest

At Pomme pidou we do everything in our power provide you an amazing website and we work on that 24/7. How? Based on your IP-address, the browser you use, the cookies we ask you to accept and the operating system that you use. This kind of data is not personal and can’t be directly linked to you, but it helps us to create a good working website.

What we do directly link to you is your search- and click behavior. Based on your interests and preferences, we give you a website that corresponds with your wishes. We do want to warn you that this doesn’t mean that you have other prices than other online shoppers.

All data will be deleted five years after you last visited our website. If you wish to be forgotten sooner, you should contact our customer service.

6. So you can work with us

Social media are very important nowadays and the role of influencers increases day after day. Are you an influencer and do you want to collaborate with Pomme pidou? Contact us and we can figure out a partnership.

In your application we ask for your name and last name, e-mail address, motivation and one or more links to your social media platforms. This information is kept safely in our database and will be held until two years after we finished the collaboration, unless you contact us asking to remove the data from our database sooner.

Do we share data?

Yes, in several circumstances we do share your personal data with third parties due to logical reasons. Your name, address, phone number, order and order number is shared with our transporters (UPS and/or GLS) so that they can bring the package to you. And also your personal and bank details like the name of the buyer, name of the card holder, card number, CVC-code, expiration date and order is given to Mollie, our payment partner. In a written agreement we have made clear arrangements about sharing and using data in a respectful way without abuse or long-term preservation of it.

Is the data kept safe?

To avoid a leak of personal data, we keep all data safe on an external database at the company. This way we prevent abuse of data of third parties. If we do share information with third parties, we guarantee that they as well respect the data and use it with a direct purpose.

What are your rights?

1. Right of inspection

We keep all personal data with us. Are you curious about what we collected about you over the years? Contact us by phone or mail and ask us to see your data. You don’t need to provide us any reason to do so. If you ask us your information, we will send it to you without any questions.

2. Right of correction

Did you notice some errors in the collected information? Ooops! We’re so sorry! Let us know soon so we can change it right away. This way you can keep enjoying our smilemakers without a care in the world, and the right content will be back on your screen in no time!

3. Right to share information with third parties

Do you need the information that we gathered on you and do you have to share it with a third party (an actual person, a company, the government…)? You always have the right to share your personal data with others. Let us know and we make sure your data arrives with the right people.

4. Right to file a complaint or objection

Maybe you’re not happy with the way we collect data or how we analyze or use your data. That’s possible! Maybe you don’t want to receive personal recommendations anymore while surfing on or don’t you want us to use your data. Please contact us and we can find a solution that suits us both.

5. Right to restriction

You have to right to ask for a restriction on your personal information. This means that you can request us to not use your personal data for some specific goals. Is this what you want? Contact the customer service to share this with us.

6. Right to forgetfulness

If you wish that we eliminate all personal data that we have on you, you can totally ask us that based on your right to forgetfulness. All collected information that leads specifically to you will be removed. The only exception would be data that we have to keep for the law.

What about impersonal data?

Because we find it very important to have a good working website, we collect your IP-address, browser, we ask you to accept our cookies and we take a look at your operating system. This kind of data is not personal and cannot be directly linked to you. It does allow us to improve our website day after day. The impersonal data is kept safe at Pomme pidou -  just like the personal data – and will only be used to create a better website for all of you.

Do you still have some questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of some more information. We gladly help you out so you can enjoy our products carefree!

Call us during office hours on (+32)(0)492 20 17 20 or send an e-mail to

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